About Us

“Inspiring Better Health Through Innovation”


ROCKMOUNT is a leading medical solutions company, providing world class products to the Canadian healthcare market. Since our beginning, ROCKMOUNT has researched the world market for innovative, high quality medical device companies that are market leaders in Europe and Asia Pacific; identifying only those whose availability would have a significant impact on Canadian health care.

As the exclusive Canadian representative for our strategic medical device partners, we provide the solutions and healthcare-specific experience that enables our manufacturing partners and customers to improve health outcomes and deliver exceptional patient care. ROCKMOUNT is 100% Canadian owned, and headquartered in Ancaster, Ontario Canada.


ROCKMOUNT’s vision is to create richer healthcare experiences in Canada through the introduction of innovative products and services from around the world. Our mission is to provide exceptional value to Canadian healthcare through outstanding customer experience and strategic, cost effective global solutions from innovative supplier to improved patient outcomes. Our core values reflect who we are and what we stand for as a company. They are the principles that guide our business strategy and our individual actions. It’s how we do business every day.


We help our team members grow in their current roles and dream about what's next. ROCKMOUNT works to create a healthy, balanced company culture that sustains a long-term, creative team, and encourages a healthy work-life balance. Our team members are encouraged to attend events, share what they do, and take time off to volunteer or learn new skills.

Our headquarters are in the historic village of Ancaster, one of the oldest European communities established in the province of Ontario and is a community in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. Our head office is nestled in the Dundas Valley, a 1,200 hectare conservation area that is one of southern Ontario’s most spectacular natural treasures and is listed as a World Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO; effectively located to encourage collaborative work and healthy living.

Our ROCKMOUNT team includes support personnel whose expertise provides outstanding contribution in the area of clinical education training, logistics, operations, technical service and marketing specialities such as product and graphic design, website development and social media communications.

Our leadership team draws on decades of experience in the healthcare industry to chart a course for the future and guide the company toward its strategic goals. It is a highly knowledgeable and professional team with proven business results, that demonstrates the ability to get things done.

David Smith is the company Founder and hands-on CEO, with over 25 years of healthcare industry expertise in sales, marketing, business development, and operations. Through strategic foresight, drive, and determination, Dave has built a strong foundation of growth for ROCKMOUNT Medical Solutions.

Dave has been on a professional journey in global healthcare, a career that includes successful senior executive leadership experiences with Eli Lilly, Philips Healthcare and Accuray. He has also been directly involved with a successful healthcare startup at Intervent International, as well as helping to accelerate business growth at small cap company Lifeline, which led to a major acquisition.

His professional healthcare journey can be best summarized by stating that he:

  • is energized by building great businesses and helping to improve the lives of people.
  • recognizes that a satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all.
  • wants the company to deliver more than a product. He wants to deliver an experience.
  • feels that business or personal relationships are developed and enhanced by the commitment we make through our actions.
  • wants to do more than add value. He wants to ensure that they demonstrate it. Today and tomorrow.
  • understands that success in business never occurs with just one person. It is a team of people who are passionate about what they do. For passion never fails.

Our business portfolio is growing quickly to support thousands of new customers in Canadian healthcare. As a privately owned, founder-led company, we’re able to work fast and respond to our customers’ needs without anything getting in our way.